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Too Close for Comfort…

I’m sure some of you may have already seen this vid, but I thought I’s post it anyway just for kicks:

In case you didn’t fully get what happened there, this guy fires a .50 cal sniper rife at an iron target set on a hillside. The round hits the target, ricochets off the iron target and back towards the shooter, ultimately clocking the poor sap right in the side of the head!

Incidentally, iron targets may not have been the best idea for target practice with a high caliber rifle, since the these rounds are not only huge, but carry a lot of energy a long, long, ways away. Be better to use a target the round can embed itself in, rather than ricochet off. I didn’t get a good look at the rifle, and what I could see of the stock looked wrong, but the flash suppressor looked a lot like that of a Barret .50 cal rifle, which has an effective range of roughly a mile, and a maximum range many times that, depending on conditions.

The target he was shooting at seems like it was a heckuvalot closer than that! Dude is lucky to still have a head!

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