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Weapons are a little hobby of mine. I’ve always enjoyed learning about weapons of all kinds, and firearms are not exception. In fact firearms are of particular interest to me because they are tools of comparatively high mechanical complexity, in relation to simplicity of the basic chemical reaction that they are built around.

Now I cannot lie. There is a part of me that loves firearms just because. A little boy, a primitive caveman that just loves to hear the boom of a shotgun, for instance, and gets a kick out of having control of, and taming a thing of such power. Seeing a high powered full automatic weapon at full tilt cutting a tree stump in half? No matter what anyone says, that’s just cool.

But there’s a finer side to firearms. The skill required of an expert marksman. The mechanical prowess of the designers. The artists who use weapons as their canvas. Yes, indeed, as with anything requiring a measure of skill, the design of firearms has become as much an art, as a tool of offense, defense, oppression and freedom.

There is a rich history in firearms, purpose and art in the design, and a story to be found, in each and every one,  and for anyone who is willing to look, many gems that go far beyond the basic functional aspects of what they are designed do, and into the realm of awe and wonder. Here, I will share my interests, sometimes with a few of my thoughts, for those who are interested, and always, with a generous measure of humor.

I hope you enjoy this ride as much as I will.


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